Unlike most holiday-rental companies who have strict arrival and departure dates we strive to be as flexible as possible with arrival and departure days as well as stay length. For that reason to get the most accurate price for your required dates it is best to use our search system at the top of the page or to get in touch with us however the chart below outlines our Weekly and Short Break rates for easy reference.

Short Breaks - Stays of 3 nights (Friday arrival, Monday departure) or 4 nights (Monday arrival, Friday departure)

Additional Guests - Prices above are for 1-2 people. After the first 2 people, the charge for each additional guest is £25/week or £15/short break.

If booking via our website - the price quoted at the time of booking is for up to 2 guests only. As stated above, the charge for each additional guest is £25/week or £15/short break. If you have made a booking via our website and there are more than 2 guests staying in the property, we will contact you shortly after you have made your booking asking you to make payment for the additional charge. 

Our Rental Seasons are broken down as follows:

PeakJune through August (inclusive); Christmas (12 December 2016 – 4 January 2017)

Spring/AutumnApril through May and September through October

Winter - November through March

Repeat Guest Discount - 5% for first return; 10% for second and subsequent returns                                                                                                                              

Extended Stay Discount - 10% if booking 2 weeks; 20% if booking 4 or more weeks