68a Cheap Street

A historic split-level 2 bedroom apartment in a Grade II listed building above Cheap Street.

Locally prepared ready meals

Ready Meals from Olives Kitchen

Delicious home-cooked meals prepared locally by the owners of Sabins Deli in Sherborne. These will be left in the fridge in your property to simply heat and serve. Meals currently available are as follows:

Succulent British Beef slowly cooked in a rich red wine sauce - £6

Creamy chicken and leek topped with a breaded herb crust - £5.5

Cottage pie with minced beef and vegetables topped with buttery creamy mashed potat - £5.5

Classic beef lasagna topped with mature cheddar - £5.5

Slow cooked traditional French lamb casserole with root vegetables - £6

Layered grilled aubergines in a rich tomato sauce with breadcrumb and paremsan crust - £5.5