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With four Independent Boarding Schools and an International College located in Sherborne our apartments and cottages are in an ideal location for parents wishing to visit their children.

With so many boarding schools in and around Sherborne we realise that at exeat weekends and school holidays accommodation in Sherborne gets especially tight. At times like these we are more likely to be available than hotels.

We understand that many parents who are visiting their children in Sherborne may have travelled a long way or even have flown in from abroad and therefore may not have a car. All of our properties are located right in the heart of Sherborne (four on Cheap Street and two very close to the Abbey) and are only a few minutes’ walk from Sherborne School and most of the boarding houses.

If you are a family wishing to arrive in Sherborne before term starts to make the most of the trip, then renting a cottage or apartment is not only more affordable than a lengthy stay in a hotel but also much more comfortable – almost a ‘home from home’. It also means that should you wish for your son or daughter to stay with you or visit, then there is enough room to do so.

Best of all, we offer a 10% discount to teachers, parents or guardians of pupils attending the following schools:

For more information, please get in touch or visit the School’s website.